Internet Protocol (IP)Learning Objectives


What is Internet Protocol (IP)?The Internet Protocol (IP) is a protocol, or set of rules, for routing and addressing packets of data so that they can travel across networks and arrive at the correct destination. Data traversing the Internet is divided into smaller pieces, called packets. IP information is attached to each packet, and this … Read moreInternet Protocol (IP)Learning Objectives

Cybersecurity Trends 2019

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A general take on cybersecurity in 2019 from bits and pieces of news, business involvement,and interactions with the IT professional’s community. Not an analysis of threat genres, but a recollection of trending incidences. Ransomware stayed the lead cyber threat with every indication of continuing to hit harder and more frequent. Ransomware started redefining the borders … Read moreCybersecurity Trends 2019

Cybersecurity awareness and IoT security

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October is recognized as CyberSecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) in the US and CyberSecurity Month (ECSM) in the EU.  These are collaborative efforts between governments and industries to raise awareness about various cybersecurity issues and to educate members of the public so that they can do more to keep themselves safe online. In the United States, there are several … Read moreCybersecurity awareness and IoT security

Cybersecurity In Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking

Bangladesh, with a population of more than 160 million has a mobilesubscriber base of more than 140 million. More than 90 million people haveaccess to the Internet, wherein more than 80 million are on mobile Internet.Interestingly the nation has more than 25-30 million Facebook users whilesimultaneously bKash – the most popular mobile banking platform – … Read moreCybersecurity In Mobile Banking